Trends in animation content, or What types of content are of interest to distributors?


In our ever more connected world, new media and its usage has changed the ways that child viewers typically access programmes. What formats and genres are popular with various target groups?

What are the current models of cooperation between producers and distributors in the development, production and distribution phases in terms of risk and financing?


Partnership (co-production) between producers and distributors that know their audience is the cornerstone of the production of successful films in an age of reduced funding from public sources (funds, national TV stations). Producing animated formats with the direct involvement of distributors from an early stage of development and subsequent production can significantly lower risk for producers.

TV and digital: finer and thinner boundaries


The numbers and trends in the consumption of television vs. internet, in particular the influence of YouTube and SVoD, point to ever more active interaction on the part of viewers with content accessible on multiple platforms (360°). How is the future of television being shaped in this multi-platform world? And how should the makers of animated projects respond to these changes and opportunities?

What does a European feature-length film need in order to succeed on foreign markets?


For the most part, individual local markets in EU countries are not capable of generating the revenues to cover the considerable costs of developing and producing animated films and series. Films need to reach audiences in foreign markets. Where to begin on the journey to global viewers? And what are all the things that co-producers and distributors need to deal with to ensure their investment pays off?

Lionel Marty


APC Kids

Tom Van Waveren

CEO and Creative Director

Cake Entertainment

Eleanor Coleman

Animation & Transmedia

Indie Sales

Anna Vášová

Christophe Erbes

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